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Welcome to the Practice of Dr. Traci Gavila, Psy. D.

We all aspire to find happiness, excel in our careers, and nurture healthy relationships with our loved ones and peers. I'm Traci Gavila, Psy.D., a psychologist dedicated to working with adults, adolescents and families to help them achieve greater happiness and build a brighter future.

I assist individuals in gaining insight into and addressing challenges such as:

  • Mood Regulation

  • Coping with Anxiety

  • Symptoms of Depression

  • Cultivating Deeper Relationships 

  • Managing Stress

  • Developing Healthier Coping Behaviors

  • Handling Work or School-Related Issues

  • Enhancing Social Connections

  • Navigating Various Life Transitions

  • Experiences of Trauma


My focus is on helping individuals navigate these life challenges and supporting them in their journey toward a more fulfilling and contented life.




Phone:  (914) 200-3526

Available for Virtual Appointments

In today's fast-paced world, adults often grapple with significant professional and emotional challenges. Balancing family responsibilities while dealing with heightened professional demands and social pressures can lead to feelings of overwhelm, anxiety, and depression. Taking the initiative to seek professional support is not just an act of courage but also a vital step towards enhancing your well-being and fostering positive psychological growth.



Adolescents face major academic and social pressures - and they’re navigating a very different world than their parents. Along with the well known psychological changes and a need to separate from parents, adolescents are dealing with issues prior generations have never faced before.  Gaming, social networking, information overload, even modern dating can all become obstacles if not properly managed.  



Do most days involve a struggle with your child or other members in your family? Do you feel alone, not listened to, or ineffective? Do interactions seem to be getting more heated while attempts at conversation go nowhere? It may be time to seek professional help to improve your family relationships and communication, so you feel more effective and valued. 


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