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Adolescence is a time of adjustment for individuals and their families. As adolescents navigate the ups and downs of this period of development, they manage independence, understand their strengths and weaknesses and discover how to define their role in their family and society. Various challenges can ensue depending on the stage of adolescence (early, mid, or late). As a result, some individuals may need additional professional support from an objective person to help them with problem solving, impulse control, emotional regulation and/or coping with emotional, physiological and social changes in their lives.

When working with adolescents, I employ individualized and collaborative techniques so that individuals actively participate in their treatment. Together, we identify goals, based on which I incorporate different communication, mood and impulse regulation strategies. Family members are included when necessary, with the adolescent’s knowledge and acceptance.


You can contact me for a free 15 minute phone consultation to learn more about how I can assist you or your adolescent son or daughter.  See my contact page for further information.




Phone:  (914) 200-3526

Available for Virtual Appointments

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